From improv comedy to team building

The WITS Team Building program began like most great things do…by accident.

The National Comedy Theatre, our entertainment division, has been performing a highly interactive and completely improvised comedy show for nearly three decades with over 8500 shows in countries all over the world.

But the challenge we faced in the early years was simple - How do we take a cast of individual performers with different backgrounds, education, age and experience and create a team of like minded individuals that could pull off 300+ shows a year without a script and make it look effortless?

A foundation had to be put in place. A way for us all to come together, leave the distractions behind and get on the same page. So, we created and adapted a series of activities that the cast continues to do before every performance to open the lines of communication and increase focus on the task at hand.

After one of our performances, an audience member asked us if the games he saw onstage would work for a corporate group. Like any good improvisers, we said YES... and told him that we had been working with corporations for years. And suddenly we found ourselves booked for a job: for Apple. We figured why not start with a small startup company that nobody would ever hear from again, right?

Fortunately, the event was a success, and over the years we’ve developed a robust program that works for businesses of every size.

Some issues are universal in every company: the concept of trust, breaking down "silos," adapting to changing work environments and recognizing that our colleagues are also three dimensional people are all concepts that businesses wrestle with.

Our workshops are specifically designed to address these issues and do it in a light and fun manner, without every getting "preachy." The best way for people to see each other differently is to place them in a fun and relaxed atmosphere where their true personalities can really emerge; what results is a profound shift in perspective through what feels like playing a set of games.