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Team Building in Las Vegas

A team building act (or workshop) like you've never seen in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas' most innovative team building program, WITS Team Building Workshops, are a dynamic, fun and interactive way to bring your team together in a low stress environment.

Based on concepts developed by the acclaimed National Comedy Theatre, the WITS program focuses on the concepts of communication, trust, team building, creative problem solving and having fun as a group to develop lasting bonds and encourage collaborative thinking and a positive work environment.

The specific activities have the feel of a college drinking game with nobody trying to "win" at someone else's expense. The group will succeed together and have fun in the process.

Workshops can be presented in any empty room, about the size of the group standing in a large circle. Typically workshops can be run in any hotel meeting room and most workshops run about 2 or 3 hours in length.

We've customized team building Las Vegas workshops for organizations such as Home Depot, JetBlue, JP Morgan, BASF, SAP and many many more.

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