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I don't believe we have
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productive and fun
team building


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Break out of the cubicle with our unique improv team building events.

At Workplace Interactive Team Building Seminars (WITS), our approach is to provide unique and innovative team building that enables individuals and groups to achieve their personal and team goals ...and most importantly, have fun in the process.

Our skilled team has facilitated hundreds of team building  events across the country. At WITS, we draw from nearly 150 activities and exercises to structure a custom workshop based on the goals of our clients. Our activities are rooted in an improv background, which teaches individuals to say "yes" to ideas, to collaborate and to solve problems from a variety of angles.

And our client testimonials speak volumes on the importance of our unmatched approach. Whether your focus is team building and communication, managing stress or just blowing off some steam, our facilitators will create the perfect workshop for your organization.

Nobody wants to sit and listen to some high-priced guru's theory of teamwork building. Our method of  improv teambuilding activities are a hands-on-get-out-of-your-chair, have FUN approach and our exercises have the spirit and competitive nature of college drinking games (only without the drinking). And in a fun, non-threatening way, we quickly get everyone involved at the same time.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to laugh and become a teamwork building superstar. Get in touch with us today and start the process to a better, more cohesive team.

Benefits of a team building event can include:

  • Improving overall relationships and feeling of belonging
  • Defining the strengths and areas of improvement for your team members
  • Increasing skills and leadership within your team
  • Decreasing employee turnover and training time
  • Developing stronger communication and participation