I don't believe we have
ever had a more
productive and fun
team building



It's time to break out of the cubicle...

Workplace Interactive Team Building Seminars (WITS) are an innovative way to enable individuals and groups to achieve personal and team goals ...and have fun in the process. At WITS, we draw from nearly 150 games and exercises to structure a custom workshop based on the goals of our clients. Whether your focus is team building and communication, managing stress or just blowing off some steam, our facilitators will create the perfect workshop for your organization.

Nobody wants to sit and listen to some high-priced guru's theory of teamwork. Our method is a unique hands-on-get-out-of-your-chair, have FUN approach and our exercises have the spirit and competitive nature of college drinking games (only without the drinking). And in a fun, non-threatening way, we quickly get everyone involved at the same time.