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Trust, Communication + Cooperation are the foundation of any successful team.


See your co-workers and team members in a whole new way.

Team building events done right

A WITS team building event is a unique workshop designed to bring teams together in a fun, low impact way.

After just a few minutes of laughing and working together through a unique combination of exercises, games and activities, you will start to see your co-workers as more than just the people we talk to on the phone or share a cubicle with every day. Our activities are based on the tenets of improv comedy, which teaches people to collaborate and say "yes" to any situation.

We start to discover more about who they are, how they communicate and how we can all work together more effectively. By working in teams, we eliminate the fear of the individual and focus instead on harnessing the energy of the group.

Our philosophy is that, if we can get you on your feet, laughing with each other, working together AND having fun, the next day when you enter the office, you'll see your fellow co-workers in a whole new way.

We provide services nationwide and to clients of all sizes. With dedicated facilitators in San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York City we can easily meet any team building objectives you have. We also can provide team building workshops anywhere in the country.

Benefits of Corporate Teambuilding

A great team building event can provide an experience that is unforgettable. Not only can it provide a more unified team but it can provide company benefits that trickle down to cost savings – improved skill sets, lower employee turnover, increased productivity…the list goes on. Finding the right team building event and team bonding experience is essential in achieving the goals you set out to achieve.

Here are questions you need to ask yourself when looking at a team building event:

  • What are my team building objectives? Perhaps you need to improve cross-functional team relations, is this a new team that needs to discover their strengths/weaknesses, or are team communications not flowing the way you’d like? Each team has different needs, so knowing what your objectives are will help define the right structure.
  • How does my team like to learn? Do long PowerPoint presentations work? (Our guess is, “No.”). How about a classroom setting, team cooking class, or an on-your-feet approach? While lecture-type scenarios may work for certain individuals, its more likely that having a fun setting to let go of barriers allows for growth. Consider what team dynamic you have and the best ways to create change.
  • Do you want to perform team building internally or have someone facilitate? Internal teams can easily find games and activities online which can be used to utilize in team bonding. There can be a lot of great ways of incorporating team bonding at your regular staff meetings or even setting up dedicated sessions. Working internally can save on costs but it can also be difficult to manage without proper training. Additionally, being inside the organization can be difficult to to take a step back and look at the team dynamic with a non-biased view. External facilitators, on the other hand, will not have preconceived ideas of the team or employee relations. With their experience and training they can more easily identify areas for improvement and cater a team building workshop that helps assist those needs.