Trust, Communication + Cooperation are the foundation of any successful team.


Get away from the desk and get to know each other...

WITS is a unique program that throws the "Team Building" charts out the window and gives you the opportunity to actually become a team.

After just a few minutes of laughing and working together through a unique combination of exercises, games, and activities, we start to see our co-workers as more than just the people we talk to on the phone or share a cubicle with every day.

We start to discover more about who they are, how they communicate and how we can all work together more effectively. By working in teams, we eliminate the fear of the individual and focus instead on harnessing the energy of the group.

Our philosophy is that, if we can get you on your feet, laughing with each other, working together AND having fun, the next day when you enter the office, you'll see your fellow co-workers in a whole new way.